Travel Photos from Israel

Here are some photos from my travel. Maybe they’ll spark some ideas for things to do and places to visit when planning your own trip to Israel.

  • Image of Dead Sea salt pillar
    Dead Sea salt pillar
  • Image of Dead Sea sinkhole
    Dead Sea sinkhole
  • Image of Dead Sea mud bath
    Dead Sea mud bath
  • Image of Dead Sea beach
    Dead Sea beach
  • Image of Dead Sea mountains
    Dead Sea mountains
  • Image of En Gedi nature reserve
    En Gedi nature reserve
  • Image of En Gedi wadi
    En Gedi wadi
  • Image of En Gedi trail
    En Gedi trail
  • Image of En Gedi-stream
    En Gedi-stream
  • Image of Negev battle memorial
    Negev battle memorial
  • Image of Ben Gurion house
    Ben Gurion house
  • Image of Sde Boker
    Sde Boker
  • Image of Timna hieroglyphics
    Timna hieroglyphics
  • Image of Timna Solomon's Pillars
    Timna Solomon’s Pillars
  • Image of Eilat
  • Image of Gulf of Aqaba
    Gulf of Aqaba
  • Image of Neve Tzedek boutiques
    Neve Tzedek boutiques
  • Image of Neve Tzedek home
    Neve Tzedek home
  • Image of Neve Tzedek bookstore
    Neve Tzedek bookstore
  • Image of Neve Tzedek architecture
    Neve Tzedek architecture
  • Image of Neve Tzedek kiosk
    Neve Tzedek kiosk
  • Image of Neve Tzedek bauhaus
    Neve Tzedek bauhaus
  • Image of Neve Tzedek tower
    Neve Tzedek tower
  • Image of Tel Aviv University
    Tel Aviv University
  • Image of Tel Aviv University campus
    Tel Aviv University campus
  • Image of Tel Aviv University synagogue
    Tel Aviv University synagogue
  • Image of Tel Aviv Botancial Garden
    Tel Aviv Botancial Garden
  • Image of Israel Independence Day
    Israel Independence Day
  • Image of Yom Hatzmaut
    Yom Hatzmaut
  • Image of Mediterranean shore
    Mediterranean shore
  • Image of Jaffa fishing rig
    Jaffa fishing rig
  • Image of Jaffa harbor
    Jaffa harbor
  • Image of Arab fishermen
    Arab fishermen
  • Image of Jaffa rehab
    Jaffa rehab
  • Image of Jaffa colors
    Jaffa colors
  • Image of Jaffa window boxes
    Jaffa window boxes
  • Image of Jaffa ancient entrance
    Jaffa ancient entrance
  • Image of Roman staircase
    Roman staircase
  • Image of ancient oil press
    ancient oil press
  • Image of Nazareth, Church of the Annunciation
    Nazareth, Church of the Annunciation
  • Image of Nazareth Church Jesus
    Nazareth Church Jesus
  • Image of Mt Tabor
    Mt Tabor
  • Image of Gilboa lily
    Gilboa lily
  • Image of Galillee anemone
    Galillee anemone
  • Image of Galillee Sea
    Galillee Sea
  • Image of Galillee old house
    Galillee old house
  • Image of Hula nature reserve
    Hula nature reserve
  • Image of Hula bird migration
    Hula bird migration
  • Image of Tel Dan stream
    Tel Dan stream
  • Image of Tel Dan ruins
    Tel Dan ruins
  • Image of Tel Dan royal plaza
    Tel Dan royal plaza
  • Image of Mt Arbel synagogue
    Mt Arbel synagogue
  • Image of Mt Arbel ruins
    Mt Arbel ruins
  • Image of Nebi Shueib
    Nebi Shueib
  • Image of Hittin Horns
    Hittin Horns
  • Image of Rosh Pina
    Rosh Pina
  • Image of Nimrod Fortress
    Nimrod Fortress
  • Image of Nimrod Fortress sculpture
    Nimrod Fortress sculpture
  • Image of Bar Am synagogue
    Bar Am synagogue
  • Image of Bar Am-synagogue-arch
    Bar Am-synagogue-arch
  • Image of Lebanon
  • Image of Israel war trench
    Israel war trench
  • Image of Israel border guard tower
    Israel border guard tower